Unlock the Power ofy our Smart Phone without needing to buy anything, no upgrades just Savings.

Unlock the TRUE POWER of your Smart Phone

What if you had Local Businesses offering you Deals, right to your Smart Phone, but ONLY when you were close to them?

And What if your In-Store Experience totally changed?

And What if all this was FREE?


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Special Offers
Businesses Compete for your Patronage

Business Owners send you deals
and steals right to your phone.
You Only get offers when you are Very Close to their business.

You are in Command

No More being bombarded by Text Messages or Annoying Ads.
One Click to View or Clear a Message.

You'll even be able to link back to the business and communicate.

In a Format you Want

We all agree that text messages from businesses are annoying.
How cool would it be to have actual content delivered to your phone where you click and see?  Videos, pricing, offers, coupons, etc.

Business Owners deliver content that you want to see, content that will get your attention.
They are competing for your business.

All Organizations
One App for All Businesses & Organizations

As more businesses get involoved our experience will grow.
What about your School? How cool would it be to get informaiton on the latest news, or a notice from the city that the Water will be off for 2 Hours on Friday for Maintenance?

Immediate -Local Deals

Immediate Feedback

You will see deals and announcements from businesses that are probably close enough to see.
Look up and there they are.


If your School, Church or Organization is set up with their FREE system, you'll be able to get their message in a timely manner.
Arrive at school, how about a notice that the South Entrance is closed today for repairs.
Or how about a reminder that the water is turned off by the city today for line repair?
And these announcements ONLY apply to folks in the area so if you are accross town they don't pertain to you and you won't see them.


Some businesses will be set up with In-Store Beacons that literally communicate with your device as you approach the display.
As you saw in the video, you can get pertinent information on a disply as you get close.


Forget those annoying ads from businesses in other citys or even across town that you don't plan to visit any time soon.
This is Location Based Communication when you need it most...when you are Close to the Business.

Unlock your Phone's Power

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