The single most effective Customr Acquisition and Retention system in Existence using GeoFence and Beacon Proximity Sensing.

How our system Grows Virally.

A Community of Businesses Helping Each Other

Time to Gang Up on the Walmarts of the world.


Together we have Power

Another EXCLUSIVE Feature

Everyone Helps Everyone Else, that's something the Big Boys don't do.


eBusiness Community

The New Commerce for Small Business

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Reach the Whole State

Even Nationally

As our system grows, your reach grows right along with it. But your Price remains the same.


Any Business Owner thinking like this already on their way out of business!

Remember NOKIA? Ever wonder what happend to them?

Click Here for The Nokia Story.

The moral of that story is Simple.

If you don’t change, you shall be removed from the competition.
It’s not wrong if you don’t want to learn new things. However, if your thoughts and mindset cannot catch up with time, you will be eliminated.

In that regard, Let's Compare this, The WOW Factor to anything else you can do at ANY Price.

We are in that business now and have made a lot of Native Apps for Businesses. Although they have their place, they simply are NOT for the average small business because of the inherent problems. Unfortunately many businesses out there have listened to competitors and spent a Lot of money that has been essentially wasted.

See Why the Industry has migrated away from Native Apps for Small Business Owners.

Each account will control 1 GeoFence and/or 1 Beacon. This happens to be a function of the Smart Bluetooth and GPS on your phone. 

If you want additional Beacons or GeoFences it takes more accounts, which is why we discount pricing for additional accounts.

This is a function of the different devices and operating systems. A good rule of thumb is allow 24 hours for your changes to reconcile across all the networks, even though many times it's quicker. We recommend always figuring on the 24 hour rule so you are covered.

That depends upon your situation but By Far the most popular is the GeoFence as it has More Flexibility and more features.

This "Ask a Developer" segment covers the differences but one note, we have overcome the typical GeoFence pricing issue with our newer technology.

In addition, this movie is over a year old now and a lot has happened, particularly with the battery life while your GPS is activated.

Also, our technology bridges the compatibility gap as it works on All Devices.

Programs for 

Or Anyone Else...

Nobody will be Billed for 45 days or untill we get 15,000 downloads.

Those enrolling by May 1 will be Grandfathered In at our Founding Member Price.


Enroll prior to May 1, 2017 and be Grandfathered into our Launch Pricing.
No Billing for ANYTHING for 45 days or untill we get 15,000 downloads.
(See the Full pricing on the Link Above directly below.)
Below is a summary.  Get the Full Schedule Here.


$125 set up
$ 50/mo.
After May 1, $70/mo
  • Bracons are $20/ea. One Time.
  • 4 Campaigns


$125 set up
$ 60/mo.
After May 1, $80/mo.
  • 4 Campaigns


$125 set up
$ 75/mo.
After May 1 $100/mo.
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Both GeoFence & Beacon
  • Deals, Events & Content
  • Lead Capture


$125 set up
$ 120/mo.
After May 1, $150/mo.
    Unlimited Campaigns
  • Geofence & Beacon
  • Deals, Events & Content
  • Lead Capture
  • Premier Support Included