Finally a way to have a Tremendous Service and Help Local Businesses as well with GeoFence and Beacon Proximity Marketing.

Get your FREE System

Non-Profit Organizations

For All Non-profit organizations, even some other organizations,
Contact us and we'll give you a Free System with no strings attached.
Use it as you need and if you need extra systems, just let us know.
We'll even give you a Smarter.Marketing Suite as well if you want.


You have Total Control with your own login and password.

Set your messages to be what you want, when you want.

You control what they see, when they see it and how often.

Users also have control over viewing their messages.

You can even link to additional items like Websites, Movies, Forms, etc.

Prompt folks to add their phone number, email, etc. if you want.


Forget putting flyers on car windows.
Have your system announce to everyone as they enter your GeoFence.
Remember, the Library is Under Construction and the South Door is Closed.
Skyview High is having a Car Wash,
Watch for us at the Chevron in 500 Feet!


Reminder, the Water will be turned off today from 4th Street to 6th Street for Maintenance.

Or at a ball field:
Here is this ballpark schedule:
Monday: Cub Scout Pack 12
Tuesday: Men's Soccor

Wednesday: Open, Contact us.

Water Park

Remember on Tuesday, Aug. 22, the park will be closed from 9:00am till 3:00pm for a Private Party.
Contact us to book your party.

Unlimited Uses

Starting to get the picture?
This 21st Century Technolgoy allows you to make whatever announcement whenever and as often as you like, with your total Control.
We can even work with you if you don't have personnel to man this system, just let us know what you need and when, and we'll take care of it.

A Thought

Wouldn't it be nice to GIVE something to your local business community rather than always Asking for something?

What if you could Partner with them to Grow their Bottom Line, a Partnership where you Both Made Money?

Isn't it time your Fundraising became a Two Way Street benefiting you and the Business?

And even better, was ONGOING?

Drop the "D" from FundRaising

Multiple Benefits

A Sytem that benefited you and your Businesses.
ONGOING: It doesn't end like other deals.
TRUE VALUE: Businesses immediately see it.
REAL HELP: Finally they can compete against the Big Box stores and together they Gang Up on the Walmarts of the world.

Works WITH You

Sharp Business Owners will get it.

All you do is Use your system,
you don't even recommend us.
A Sharp business owner will see the value
and contact us, not you.


Answers for the Business Owner

Here is where the Grow their Bottom Line part kicks in.
We can help them as much as they want.
Even if all they want is a Free SmarterApp (like ths one) to promote their business, we'll give them a FREE system that they control.

More for Them

Exclusive Tools for Them

Our Base Smarter.Marketing Suite is FREE to the business owner and it WILL HELP GROW their business. There is Nothing Like it Anywhere.

Here is How it Works

And it Truly Is Automatic

We have a SmarterApp that directs folks to download the Free App.

When one of your members who happens to be a Business Owner downloads the app and begins to experience it's sheer power, a little light will go off and they will want to inquire about using it in their business.

If they contact you, you'll just direct them to us. We handle it.

We don't even need you recommending us, you just use your system and let nature take it's course.

When they contact us we handle it all and if they get set up, we let you know. Once they have their own system you could start earning a Monthly Check, month after month, for as long as they stay with us.

And all you did was Use your System. You din't endorse or even recommend, you just Used your Free System.

But if all you want is to use the system, Great. We'll set it up.

If you want to tap into that "Found Money" just let us know.

More Benefits to the Business

Finally a way for the Small Business to Compete

Help where they Need It

Latest Bootstrap 4 Technology for a RESPONSIVE System.

Our system AUTOMATICALLY makes the business Google Compliant.
Too many fall victim to the SCAMS out there and We Stop That.
Bootstrap 4 has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks and our system does it all, FOR FREE.

Business owners are at a crossroads.
Most realize they need to market better with better technology but they simply can't afford it.
NOW, thanks to a relationship with us through you, that all changes.

Marketing Smarter, not more Expensively

An Entire Suite of Tools
The Business owner can bite off as much as they want,
and Most are FREE.

Our goal is simple:
Help the Local Small Business Get and Keep More Customers.

Help when Needed

A Google Partner

Google has an extensive list of Free Tools the help any business grow.
Unlike those SCAMMERS who call businesses, we show them how to do a Host of things for Free using the Free tools and Systems already available.
Truth be told, most of those scammers that call the business owners are using these tools and charging a business.
We decided enough is enough. It's time the Local Business Owner had an expert Marketer in their corner and not one asking for money all the time.